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Record Keeping In Schools

Over the years, Nigerian college directors, particularly, the lslamiyyah faculties had paid Lip products and services to the correct preserving of information. All those faculties do is just train and graduate college students. However as seen via NTI, (2000:12) in 1964, a headmaster of 1 number one college in our neighboring Bauchi State used to be confronted with one severe enjoy. A sort containing many questionnaires about some of the previous pupils of the college who used to be nominated to be appointed because the chairman of the Federal Public Service Commissioner used to be given to him to finish. The student graduated a few years ahead of the headmaster even went to number one college. Therefore, the headmaster didn’t know the person individually and didn’t know what to jot down about him.

The most effective answer to be had to the headmaster used to be to show to the college information. The college information confirmed the 12 months the student used to be admitted, the 12 months he handed out, the information of his excellent educational efficiency, information of annual prizes given to the student amongst others.

It used to be those information that helped the headmaster to as it should be and correctly crammed the shape that assisted the individual to be effectively appointed.


School information preserving: This thought in keeping with NTI (2000:12) is the historical past of the college saved systematically. This implies that the systematic enlargement of the college at quite a lot of closing dates wish to be completely recorded and saved via college directors. it’s the original check in of tools of officers accounts of transaction or accurance which might be preserved within the faculties place of work (Olanrewaju 200S).

Aleiyideino SC et al (202) outlined file as a written remark a few going down. School file preserving in keeping with those students are information that give a large number of details about the college that may permit the authority to take selections and asses the growth of the college. Head of School shall seek advice from each head trainer and important.

Student: It will probably be used to seek advice from each pupils and scholars. These information in keeping with Dibu-Ojerinde,00 and Tukur(ed) (2005:21) categorized college information into (a) Statutory Records (b) Academic Records (c) Finance Records (d) Staff Record(e) General Records.

Also linking Muslim faculties to the class of voluntary companies all in favour of tutorial construction, Eke, et al (2000:46) defined that the Izalatil bid’a Wa Iqamatis Sunnah workforce, the Jama’atu Nasrul Islam, is the Islamic Trust of Nigeria (ITN) amongst others have contributed immensely no longer most effective to the advance of training but in addition to right kind college information preserving in Nigeria. Here cognitive and efficient domain names are extremely exhibited not like public faculties that take care of most effective cognitive area.

It is in gentle of the above that we’re going to talk about the classification of faculty information as indexed via Dibu-Ojerinde 0.0 and Tukur H.as follows:



This is a check in of admission, growth and withdrawal of scholars, it must include the next details concerning the admitted college students.

(a) Admission quantity (b) Name in complete (c) Sex (d) Name and cope with of dad or mum/guardians (e) Day Month and 12 months of start (f) Previous college attended (g) Last elegance learn (h) Day, month, elegance, of admission (i) Records of growth (j) date of leaving college (okay) Reason for leaving and so on (1) Transfer certificates quantity.

All the entries must be hand-written and corrections must be made in the sort of method that the unique access and the correction are each obviously prominent. It must be saved for no longer lower than fifteen (15) years from the date of ultimate access.


This is check in this is saved for every elegance containing the details in admire of each and every pupil till such pupil leaves the college. Students’ common attendance or differently may also be traced right here simply, it must include (a) Admission quantity (b) Name in complete, positive identify first and so on.


This guide comprises information of necessary occasions going down within the college. The historical past of the college may also be compiled from this file. It must be saved underneath lock and key.


This is a file appearing names, cope with of all necessary guests to the college in addition to the aim of such talk over with.


The training regulation lets in most effective the pinnacle of faculty or his consultant to inflict corporal punishment on erring college students. A right kind reoord is saved containing (a) The identify of the culprit (b) The date of such punishment (c) The nature of offence (d) the one that administered the punishment and so on.

This file is helping to offer protection to the lecturers towards aggrieved folks. It can function witness for the college to track the fashion of such college students.


The college must stay Education Law with its rules to lend a hand the college in working in keeping with such rules.


Each college will have to have a duplicate of the National coverage on Education.


This is a file containing the studies of visits to the college via inspectors because it is helping throughout follow-up inspections.


This is a file that displays a short lived document of happenings within the college on day-to-day foundation. In secondary faculties, the perfects additionally write day-to-day document in prefect responsibility guide.


There must be a difficult duvet guide for use for recording of mins of assembly for simple connection with the selections taken in conferences.


i) Approved reproduction of syllabus

ii) Academic Syllabus information


Academic programme of establishments are in keeping with licensed syllabus of the route to be run, it may well be number one college syllabus, NTI syllabus for academics faculties, WAEC/NECO syllabus and so on. the college want a syllabus to persist with.


This is the side that breakdown the syllabus into educating gadgets. It is damaged down into subjects, efficiency targets, and so on. lit needs to be saved via each and every trainer to be marked and recommended via the headmaster.


This side additional damage down the scheme of labor into weekly information of what the trainer has taught. It must be saved via academics and cheeked and recommended via the headmaster.


One would possibly name it lesson plan, it’s just like the web site plan for the architect. It is ready in order that you persist with it with out forgetting a procedure. it reduces your power of remembering the next move to do whilst educating. It must include subject, date, time of the day, period of the lesson, age, intercourse, and sophistication. Others contains: targets and purpose, earlier wisdom creation, presentation analysis and conclusion.


This is utilized in compiling continues overview (CA) file. It is used to increase CA as it’s both on weekly, fortnightly or per month because the case could also be.


Schools used C.A file for exam information for each and every pupil. Two copies are wanted for a pupil, one for the college and any other one for the coed. It must include cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain names of the coed.


This displays the day-to-day actions of the college, elegance via elegance, duration via duration and the names of academics dealing with them. It sums up the choice of duration allotted to an issue and the choice of topics arid sessions taught via a trainer in every week.


It is saved via the category captain of every matter to be signed on the finish of the duration via academics. It can cheek academics who don’t cross to categories as and when due


This is in a booklet shape issued to college students who depart the college ahead of attending to the terminal elegance. It is helping each the college freeing the scholars and the universities receiving college students.


Unclaimed certificate testimonials and so on must be saved underneath key and success



The college wishes account information comparable to:

i. Salary and cost voucher:- those are saved in categorised information to turn wage cost and different bills made within the college.

it School charges check in:- It is saved to present the monetary transactions within the college. It offers details about source of revenue and expenditure pieces. It promotes responsibility and stops corrupt and sharp practices.

iii. Fees receipts:- It is issued to college students as they pay charges whilst the duplicates is saved for auditor and inspectors.

iv. Cash Book:- It displays the receipts and bills of the college.

v. Ledger Book:- It is used to file the entire debit and credit score transacts of the college.

vi. Bank Reconciliation to Reconcile the School Transaction with the financial institution (to come back into settlement)

vii. Stock Book:- It is used to stay the stock of the landed assets and different property of the college with liabilities proven.

viii. I.O.U Book:- This is used to carrier brief time period monetary help to personnel, payable on cost of wage.


i. Staff Time Book:- This is for personnel attendance, it displays the music every personnel come to college (overdue corners cab be simply detected)

ii. Staff motion Book:- This is the file that point out when personnel transfer out of the college throughout college hours and after they returned.

iii. Staff Confidential Report: (ANNUAL EVALUATION REPORT FORM-APER FORM) This is used for personnel promotion and praise.

iv. Staff Files: Each member of personnel must have a private record, which include the file of carrier with right kind references.

v. Staff List:- List of personnel assume to be saved together with the college group.

vi. Files on Subject subject within the accounts wish to be saved


A faculty additionally want the next information:

i. Parents Teachers Association Minutes guide

ii. Parents Teachers Association Account Book

iii. Board of Directors mins Books

iv. Suggestion information and Box

v. Instruction Book or Internal Circular File

vi. Correspondence Files on quite a lot of Subjects


The significance of file preserving in faculties in keeping with Olgboye Cited in Olararenwaji I.T (2009:1) and Dibu Ojermde and Tukur (ed) (2005:27), come with;

1. It tells the historical past of the college

2. It facilitates continuity within the college management

3. It facilitates and give a boost to the supply of efficient steering and counseling carrier for college students within the social occupation domain names

4. Provides data wanted on ex-students via upper and different comparable establishment and employers of labour for admission or placement.

5. Facilitate the availability of data to folks or guardians for efficient tracking of the growth in their kids at school or efficiency.

6. Provides knowledge wanted for making plans and choice making via college authority

7. Provide’ a foundation for the target overview of the state of training and studying within the college, together with personnel and scholars efficiency via supervisors and inspectors.

8. Provide data for the college group, most people, employers, researchers for the development of information.

9. It guarantees that the headmaster assists in keeping strictly to the training rules.

10. School information can be utilized as reference fabrics for each the lecturers and the directors.


Some time in keeping with Aleiyideino, Sc et a! (2000:79) some college abuse information preserving via:

1. Non availability of information:- They don’t stay such information and can not produce identical when the will get up.

2. Problem of garage:- Some college have those information however don’t seem to be correctly saved in keeping with subject material.

3. Ignorance at the a part of head academics:- Some head academics don’t seem to be even conscious about the significance of information preserving at school or the best way to even stay those information.

4. Poor Supervision via Head trainer or manager:- Some Head academics don’t stay information as a result of no frame request for such information.

5. If the ideas given are false or incomplete, it can not give us correct data wanted.


This implies that we will have to know the significance of preserving information and with fair and whole data This will permit our colleges to be up to the moment and reply to any query or fill any shape about our faculty with out difficulties.


Olanrewaju, I.T (2008) Importance of Record preserving In School” being Paper Presented to the Department of PHE University of Ilorin PP 1-10.

2. Aleiyideini, SC et al (2002)”Record Keeping” in NTI (2002) School Management Course Book On Education pp 69-78

3. Eke E(2000)”School Administration and Management” In NTI (2000) education Cycle 4. PP 12-13

4. Dibu Ojerinde, 0.0 and Tukur, H (2005) “Record Keeping” Inspection handbook in NTI PGDE via DLS. PP2 1-27.





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