When Will The Xbox Series X Come Back In Stock Why Wii Fail – Two Years Later the Nintendo Wii’s Shortcomings Become More Glaring With Age

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Why Wii Fail – Two Years Later the Nintendo Wii’s Shortcomings Become More Glaring With Age

Over two years into the lifestyles span of the recent promoting Nintendo Wii console it is time to take a step again and overview one of the vital console’s maximum irritating shortcomings and the way this money cow of a system can have been so a lot more. Personally, I had my Wii in hand the day it got here out and used to be straight away extremely joyful. Nowadays, I nonetheless have a look at the lovable little white field lovingly, however to find myself ceaselessly baffled by way of the shortsightedness of Nintendo in execution and curse it frequently for plenty of causes.

I had by no means been so hyped for a brand new toy. My first influence used to be love to start with sight. The interface, the controllers, Wii Sports, Zelda, all only a out of the ordinary get started for my little good friend. Sure Red Steel used to be slightly of a let down. The keep watch over taste used to be vulnerable fairly than modern, however good day, it used to be the Wii’s first shot at translating a primary individual shooter to the movement keep watch over set.

I got here to a few early conclusions. First, Wii Sports bowling, whilst simplistic, used to be fingers down the most productive online game bowling simulation I had ever performed. The whole Wii Sports bundle used to be very complimentary to the console’s keep watch over scheme. Second, Zelda: Twilight Princess, whilst an impressive access into the collection, in reality wasn’t helped or hindered by way of the keep watch over set. It used to be the primary instance of more or less forcing some movement keep watch over schemes right into a identify that did not take pleasure in it. Still, it wasn’t an general detriment for the sport.

On the opposite hand, I additionally picked up Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, since I’d at all times preferred the collection. I used to be torn by way of this identify. The major recreation itself used to be completely made for the brand new motion-sensitive keep watch over set. It did revolutionize the identify. The mini-games however have been most commonly hit or miss.

Surprisingly, two years later, the console hasn’t come very a long way in my eyes, and the farther it does advance, the extra it displays its weak spot. So believe this my open letter to Nintendo on what is in reality spoiling the Nintendo Wii for me and plenty of others. I’m going to be the primary to confess, even though I nonetheless in reality do love my little Wii, however it is only in reality busting the marketplace on account of the low value level and huge ranging demographic attraction. I’ve owned each and every Nintendo console for the reason that authentic NES, I used to be an enormous Atari-head again within the 2600 days, and I’ve spent a few years gaming hardcore FPS on PC in addition to proudly owning each the unique XBOX and the 360. I’m decently rounded on this class, with handiest the PS2 and PS3 being out my realm of revel in, however for functions of this text I’ll stay Sony impartial.

” It’s All About the Looks. Let’s beat the horse that’s been dead the longest first. The graphics power of the Wii was sub-par from the day it came out. Not surprisingly, Nintendo wasn’t too thrilled about sharing a lot of detail on the hardware specs before release. It’s base of a PowerPC “broadway” processor with an unspecified ATI GFX processor left a lot guessing, but just from a simple performance and eye-candy test from a casual player, it’s just not really very impressive. Even with some of the newest titles it’s obvious that graphics are not this console’s strong point. That’s okay, that’s hardly the most important piece of a console, but I think it’s a serious hit to longevity and credibility in the gaming community when Nintendo’s “subsequent gen” console really can’t even compare favorably to Microsoft’s “final gen” XBox console. Pixel per pixel, the best looking Wii games can barely compete with the best Original XBox titles.

Even completely giving Nintendo a pass on not giving us better than 480P output, when you start putting the graphics out to a HD set, even the highest power titles are pale. It really starts to hit home when you see even ported games like the latest Call of Duty title having to cut major components of game play to even translate down to something the Wii can handle. Some of the sharpest looking of the Wii games look “tough” around the edges, so to speak when playing on high resolution screen. There’s not really an argument to be made here, it’s simply a fact. I have an extremely hard time arguing for even anything beyond “modest” improvement over the graphics of it’s older sibling Game Cube Console.

Yes, graphics don’t make the game, but when you jump back between something as astoundingly sharp and beautiful as the original Gears of War to even the hottest and greatest of the Wii titles it’s not even a fair comparison. I don’t think Nintendo needs to push to be the best in the graphics race, but I think Nintendo needs to at least put itself in the same class, which it simply hasn’t done with the visual power of the Wii. Again, this is probably the least important of my concerns about the console, but it’s still a significant black mark on the Wii and one of the reasons that that it still has trouble bridging that gap to hardcore gamers. The problem is not just how the titles look, but the low processing power of the unit also limits aspects of gameplay. Some of the latest generation game engines can’t even be developed on the Wii because it’s simply the scrawny weakling of the big three consoles. Nintendo seems happy with hot sales and a wide appeal and just a small chunk of the heavy gamers market, but I think they could have gotten away with a little bit more effort even if it had driven the price point up a bit more.

” An Unimpressive Walk Down the Video Game Aisle. How many Wii homeowners have in reality taken a excellent onerous have a look at the titles in Wii phase in their native Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Game Stop or Future Shop? Apart from a handful of heavy hitter Nintendo exclusives and the annual spherical of vintage ports like your Madden or Tiger Woods video games, the titles to be had for Wii are phenomenally bland and generic. There is solely a glut of half-assed celebration video games available in the market. Your usual, rushed out film tie-ins come and move, or even the every now and then fascinating or leading edge titles appear too few and a long way between. When you get previous Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda, possibly a couple of others right here and there, what number of titles in reality have you ever devoting nightly time for your Wii on any common foundation?

I typically to find myself having a look at my cross-platform releases at the 360 as an alternative of the Wii, even in video games the place graphics don’t seem to be in reality a topic like your Guitar Hero or Rock Bands. Madden nonetheless does not in reality absolutely translate to the Wii-mote/Nunchuk taste of play, and face it, if I in reality am going to hit up a recreation for numerous hours and in-depth gaming, I’d fairly spice up my gamer-score on X-Box Live and play in HiDef. I will’t in reality pin-point one cross-platform identify this is considerably progressed, if progressed in any respect by way of the movement keep watch over set of the Wii.

Don’t get me incorrect, when the movement keep watch over set is applied with idea and care, in video games like Mario Galaxy it is a stunning factor. But it is in reality the exception fairly than the guideline. Sure there are many Wii video games available in the market, and they are retailing $10.00 less expensive, however the variety is anemic at highest. Why is that this? The heavy hitters in recreation construction do not take the console severely.

A primary instance of that is in a remark from Mark Rein at Epic Games:

“I don’t think there’s a lot of money on making engines for the Wii because the big software dollars right now are being earned on Xbox 360 and they’re going to be earned on PlayStation 3, and I think unless you’re going to sell your engine to Nintendo, you’re going for scraps on that platform.”

I’m no longer preserving up Epic because the end-all of recreation studios, however Rein makes some excellent issues. For a studio like Epic which prides itself on pushing the envelope in recreation engine and function, it is a super step backward creating a recreation for a present gen console that is nonetheless the use of last-gen generation. The present incarnation of the Unreal Engine can’t also be scaled right down to run at the Wii’s {hardware} specs. Developing for the Wii is solely about striking out titles fast and inexpensive to show a greenback except your identify occurs to be “Nintendo.” And let’s accept it, Nintendo could have some mythical homes, however they don’t seem to be churning out Mario and Zelda high quality titles very steadily.

” The Storage Capacity of a $5.00 Thumb Drive. One of the most massive disappointments of Nintendo’s short-sightedness is the they built a console around a platform to highlight downloadable content and then gave the console virtually no storage capacity to handle it. It’s a perplexing issue to say the least, because one of the strengths of the console showcases its most glaring weakness.

When confronting my biggest frustration of my Wii it’s the fact that over the last few months I’ve gotten more quality game play time from Wii-Ware titles than I have over-the-counter titles. There are some exceptional titles now available on Wii-Ware. World of Goo is one of the best dollar for dollar investments I’ve made in the console. Boingz is another great Wii-Ware title and I’m currently putting some time into some other quality Wii Ware titles like Lit, a third person puzzle game and Onslaught, a surprisingly good First Person Shooter, well worth the 1000 Wii Point ($10.00) investment.

But let’s look at this dilemma. The console has 512 meg of useable flash memory. That is absolutely nothing. I can get that much memory over the counter in a thumb drive for pocket change. If I hit a decent sale, I can get a 2 gig flash drive nowadays for $10-$15.00. I just bought a 4 Gig Mini-SD card for my digital camcorder for $14.95 last month. Now don’t start with the “however it is expandable by way of some other 2 gig with an SD card” argument. That’s total deception. Let’s just ignore the fact that upon its release, Nintendo was gouging people for $90.00 bucks for the 2 gig SD cards with the “Wii” logo on them back in 2007. For those that are considering owning a Wii console, make sure you understand that the SD expansion is not useable memory. It’s simply a storage dump. You can’t even access save game info on it, much less play stored titles.

Even if it was a quick task to swap for games and data back and forth between the SD card and the flash memory it would still be a major inconvenience. However, Wii owners know that even the data swapping process is painfully slow. It’s amazing how long it takes to copy even a modestly sized game from flash memory to the SD drive. It can often take several minutes, then inexplicably, it can actually take a couple of more minutes alone to delete the original data off the flash memory (though that’s seemed to have improved with some of the more recent updates to the Wii OS). What this means is that while we are getting better and more sophisticated Wii Ware titles available, you pretty much have to go through this dumping process every time you want a new one, then make hard decisions about what to keep and what to store back on the SD.

In addition, some of the cooler things that Nintendo itself is offering, like the Internet-based Nintendo Channel that has some nice features, content and video playback ability take up scads of memory blocks. I had to finally dump the Nintendo channel just to accommodate a Wii-Ware title. How could Nintendo not anticipate this issue? I would totally back off this if the expandable SD memory was directly usable by the system. I could live with a solid 2.5 gig on this console, but it just isn’t there. I can promise that if Nintendo were to release a small external memory expansion where the storage was directly accessible and usable by the console it would sell like hotcakes. It’s not just downloadable titles that are the issue, it starts to run into silly issues that are alien to consoles like the 360 and PS3. Rock Band or Guitar Hero for instance. I see a small track package of songs I’d like to own, I can download them on to my 360 hard drive. On Wii, there’s an entire source of income they’re missing in downloadable add-ons. Of course, you can still get those add-ons by buying an additional disc for near full-game price on Wii. However, it’s simply another outstanding reason to continue buying titles that are cross-platform on the consoles that can handle game patches, title updates and downloadable content. Right now, I would say that the Wii investment alone is worth it for the Virtual Console and Wii Ware titles coming out. But the storage capacity simply cripples this machine as a viable platform for this type of content.

” Who’s Wii is that this anyway? While the above issues I all believe main drawbacks, this and the following worry don’t seem to be somewhat as a lot of “game-breakers” for me, however simply upload a few extra irritations. That being stated, I do not give a rattling for those who assume it is not honest to check the consoles, I’m going to make use of the Xbox 360 as a template of what works for this particular worry. The Wii wishes higher differentiation and group for its participant profiles. The 360 does a beautiful activity of this. With the Wii, you’ll create your individual “Mii” avatar that represents you, which used to be a adorable characteristic that used to be uber-cool for all of the first 3 weeks you owned the console, however there may be nonetheless no “profile” machine for the console like you will have within the Xbox 360 global. When I boot my 360, I go online to my profile. For multiplayer, we will be able to log into more than one profiles immediately. Within this profile all my recreation knowledge is saved and out there. I will customise my surroundings, recreation settings, private knowledge, and so forth. The Wii has nonetheless no longer advanced past the 20 yr previous machine of each and every recreation managing it is personal knowledge. The unhappy a part of that is that it is a badly wanted in this console on account of its super attraction to very younger players who generally tend to spend extra time enjoying round in menus and settings once they mustn’t.

Every gamer that will get at the console has complete get admission to to all stored recreation knowledge, console settings, the whole lot. I need a profile. I really like the truth that when I am getting at the 360 I think like my console surroundings is mine. When I’m on my profile and boot a disc, I handiest see my very own private recreation knowledge. Of route, this all performs into complete Gamer Score machine on Xbox Live. I do know that Wii Console homeowners trivialize “Gamer Score,” however the pleasure and attraction of this option within the Xbox global is a big draw. Just such as you used to chug quarters into the Asteroids Machine to transport your initials up at the prime rating listing, Gamer Points are a factor of pleasure and standing within the Xbox global, and it is only imaginable by way of having personalised profiles. In the Wii universe each and every participant that choices up a controller has complete get admission to to debris with everybody else’s knowledge with no 2nd idea. Can you do that on a 360? Of route, nevertheless it has to pre-meditated. You need to log into somebody else’s profile and do it. Every participant can password their profile in the event that they really feel threatened by way of that. This comes right down to having an “identity” as a gamer within the Xbox global. On the Wii, your handiest identification is what you will have disc to disc or identify to identify. That’s in order that 1988.

It’s Amazing What Fun You Can Have With One Hand. The major selling point of the Wii apart from the price point of course has been the “modern” control system. The Wii-Mote/Nunchuck system is a radically different concept in gaming. Have you noticed, though how few games really utilize this combination to it’s fullest? Worse yet, have you noticed how completely clumsy some games can be when not really designed for this type of control set? Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the Wii remote. I like the fact that games with a simplistic control set can be played with one hand. But unless your thumb is about four inches long, it’s really not all that great when you have to bring the direction pad into play, or if you actually have to use combinations of these buttons. None of the buttons rest intuitively for play.

I’m not saying that the Wii should abandon this concept, but I really think that certain games should implement a more traditional control system. Dare I say that the they should have redesigned the optional add on “vintage controller” to be a bit more like the Game Cube or an Xbox controller and given the option in some games, like the Madden series for instance, for an alternate more traditional control system? The current alternative of turning the Wii-mote on it’s side for some Virtual Console and standard titles never “feels” quite right. I also have an irritating love/hate relationship with the classic controller. For classic Mario fans, I believe most of you will know where I’m coming from with this next concern. Mario is a game based on two buttons. One button you hold down to run, almost universally, this is the button you press with the tip of your thumb while you execute the jump with interior knuckle intuitively. The classic controller layout complete fouls this up by organizing the two buttons that in a configuration where the second button in this scheme doesn’t fall beneath the bend of you thumb anymore.

When it comes to Virtual Console games, I’ve spent a ton of time reliving some great times with Super Mario Brothers 3, Super Mario World and the original classic Super Mario Brothers, but the classic controller layout is just set up for a very difficult ride with these virtual console games as well as others.

My other beef with the controller layout for games like FPS genre entries make the classic “lounging” style of gaming a thing of the past. One of the small pleasures in life is throwing your legs up across the couch. Reclining against al old beat up cushion and resting your hands on a controller in your lap. Having to sit up and be at a reasonable angle sometimes gets to be a real drag and kind of makes the “rest” part of gaming a non-option in some cases. Again, this may not be a fair criticism, but it is something I miss when playing certain titles on the Wii.

When the Wii control set works well, it’s a tremendous sense of power, when it doesn’t, it’s a massive drag.

This has been a pretty long-winded complaint session for the Wii Console. In fairness, I love the fact that this console is such a huge hit. It shows that these very high price-points for consoles like the PS3 and XBOX 360 are drawbacks for these machines even with as much power and functionality as they have. It’s sadly humorous to see Microsoft redesign the Xbox Dashboard to give more “Wii” like features like Mii-Style avatars as if that’s going to make a difference in stealing some of Nintendo’s market share. It’s proof that they are completely out of touch with why the Wii is so popular.

However, I do think that long term that Nintendo is setting up for failure for continuing to put out technology that is so far behind the curve in most respects. With the average gap between each generation of consoles that are released, think about how antiquated Wii hardware will seem in 2011. Can you imagine 2 years from now Nintendo introducing a console that finally has graphics on par or slightly better than the original Xbox?

There has to be a compromise that keeps Nintendo’s efforts at least in the ballpark with current gen technology. There is a whole segment of the gaming community that doesn’t give the Wii a serious look, and I have to believe that Nintendo is missing out on long term opportunity to grow their product line.

It’s been very easy the past year or so for Nintendo to step back and not really care about some of the concerns like I’ve expressed above because they can pretty much simply point to the still heavy demand for their product. However, even though I’m a mutli-console household by choice, I can’t imagine being at a point where I would settle on the Nintendo Wii as my “number one” or handiest console regardless of how a lot I might omit the sucker. Imagine the entire belongings you in reality love in regards to the Wii rolled as much as console with the ability and variety of one thing just like the 360.

So that is my laundry listing. I feel that some of these are lovely easy to mend and nonetheless stay their console as much as 25% not up to the retail value of the 360 or PS3. However, if I’m the landlord of a kind of different consoles, strolling throughout the Wii phase of the dep. retailer would make me take pause to believe whether or not the Wii is well worth the funding. If Nintendo continues to assume that they may be able to keep on best of the marketplace with not anything greater than the identify, a few heavy hitting homes and inexpensive price ticket, I consider they’re in for a impolite awaking with the following factor come to a decision to place out available on the market. They will have to indubitably step again and take positive inventory in how Sony counted on PS2 loyalty would translate to gross sales for the PS3 irrespective of the cost. Customer loyalty to the logo will handiest take you to this point.

Get to paintings, Nintendo! In the following couple of years Microsoft and Sony are going to meet up with the options of the Wii that make it distinctive and power you to play on extra even flooring with the opposite giant boys at the block. The subsequent era of Nintendo’s consoles higher come supplied to compete.

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