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Supercharger Tuning Through Cam Selection and Cam Timing

Camshaft tuning is an crucial a part of supercharger tuning. Camshafts orchestrate the valve opening and shutting occasions within the engine and make a decision whether or not what comes out of our motor is gorgeous excessive chronic track, or a large number of dysphonics.

The use of the right kind supercharger optimized cam shaft can pass a ways in opposition to supercharger tuning and provides really extensive chronic positive aspects for the cash invested.

To perceive camshaft timing and camshaft variety we need to perceive first:

Relativity: Changing when the valves open or shut (consumption or exhaust) adjustments the the valve timing with appreciate to:

  • The piston place throughout the cylinder. Depending on the place the pistons is within the stroke, and the place we’re within the combustion cycle, then opening the valves will exploit the power distinction between the cylinder and the consumption and exhaust manifolds.For instance it will make sense that the best time to open the consumption valve is when there’s height vacuum throughout the cylinder in order that when the valve opens, the utmost quantity of unpolluted air may also be ingested. Similarly, it is smart to not open the exhaust valve till height cylinder pressures were completed throughout the combustion chamber and the combustion is whole and the entire chronic is extracted.
  • The low and high power pulses created through the design and runner lengths of the consumption and exhaust manifolds.It would make sense to open the consumption valve simply because the mirrored power waves within the consumption manifold succeed in the consumption valve as a excessive power portion of the wave, thus opening the valve at this excessive power level provides a ‘ram air’ impact via volumetric potency resonance tuning expanding air ingestion which will increase chronic.Similarly at the exhaust aspect, it is smart to open the exhaust valve, simply because the mirrored low power (vacuum) portion of the exhaust wave (mirrored again from the collector) reaches the again of the exhaust valve. At this day and age there’s each height power throughout the cylinder, and vacuum within the exhaust which creates a better power differencial and a sooner evacuating exhaust gasoline.
  • With appreciate to the ignition timing match, as an example a shorter period or complicated exhaust cam, opens the exhaust valve quicker with appreciate to when the mix was once initially ignited, which means that even though through advancing the exhaust cam we can have matched our header design and opened the valve with the bottom conceivable exhaust again power for very best potency, on the similar time, now we have decreased the period of time that the mix is combusted and perhaps opened the valve prior to attaining our height cylinder pressures and thrown away some horsepower.
  • The consumption valves with appreciate to the exhaust valves: and that is most often described relating to lobe separation angles (the offset in levels between the middle of the exhaust cam and between the middle of the consumption cam), or relating to what number of levels of overlap (the choice of levels that each consumption and exhaust valves are open on the similar time).

Since the combustion throughout the cylinder happens at a miles upper power than atmospheric power, and because exhaust valves are most often smaller than consumption valves (for this similar excessive power reason why) then exhaust gasoline speed is way upper than consumption gasoline speed. So, in some engines it’s really helpful to open the consumption valve previous than same old throughout the closing a part of the exhaust stroke, this is named overlap. During overlap – on the very finish of the exhaust stroke – the quantity of power left within the cylinder is low so it’s conceivable to respire in new air beneath atmospheric power, on the similar time, the excessive speed of the exhaust gasses exiting assist attract much more contemporary air from the consumption aspect in an impact similar to ‘syphoning’ the place the fluid (in our case air) flows as a continuing flow drawing in new consumption air after the outdated exhaust gasoline leaves.

The different a part of phenomenon that pertains to timing consumption valves with appreciate to exhaust valves is the period of time the place each valves are completely closed, which is your chronic stroke. This is the a part of the combustion cycle the place the mix may also be compressed and combusted. If both (or each) consumption or exhaust valves are open you’ll now not be capable of neither compress nor combust the mix, and absolutely the period of time (in levels of rotation) that your combination is combusted and allowed to achieve height cylinder pressures is suffering from camshaft variety and cam timing. One factor to notice is that the valve attitude has so much to do with exhaust scavenging, clearly you’ll get most scavanging if the exhaust and consumption valves had ‘line of sight’ i.e. if the valves have been separated through an attitude of 180*. If so, the exhaust air can without delay pull in new air. Conversely, you can have the least conceivable scavenging in case you had valves that have been at a slender attitude (0 levels on the excessive) between every different, in order that the air would necessarily must make a U flip to come back in during the consumption and get pulled out the exhaust.

So other motors reply otherwise to overlap relying at the exhaust again power and the valve attitude.


Cam period is the choice of levels of all the 360* rotation that the consumption or exhaust valve is open. The longer the period, the extra air you’ll be able to get into the motor, the extra overlap you’ve got (which is helping extra with upper rpm chronic efficiency), the shorter your chronic stroke is (which reduces your combustion period and your height cylinder pressures decreasing low rpm gasoline efficiencly and blank idle….and many others

Increased period (with it is higher overlap and scavenging) additionally provides the chance for exhaust gasses to get to the consumption, or consumption gasses to leak to the exhaust, and so are extra delicate to correct timing occasions in a different way we will get some unintended effects from being ‘overcammed’


Lift is how a ways or how deep the valve opens into the cylinder. The extra elevate you’ve got, the fewer the valve is a restriction to incoming air as a result of it’s farther clear of the direct trail of coming into or exiting air. Adding elevate generally provides chronic to all rpms, relying on how smartly the camshaft (and valve educate) can boost up the valve to a better elevate quantity in a brief period. It’s like a ramp, the shorter the period and better the elevate, the steeper the ramp. So what occurs right here is if your valve educate is not gentle sufficient and smartly managed (Through correct valve springs or hydraulic lifting and damping) to perform that all of a sudden then elevate provides you with stepped forward efficiency at decrease rpms (the place there’s a large number of time to transport the valve to height elevate) however decreased efficiency at upper rpms, the place there are extra rounds in line with minute and so much less time in line with spherical, and thus much less time to head up the steep ramp and push the valve out to complete extension.

Lift is just right, however most often other people do not attempt to radically build up elevate on their aftermarket cams on account of a couple of issues:

  1. Make certain that at this new elevate, that there’s nonetheless sufficient clearance between the valve (at complete extension) and the cylinder (at most sensible lifeless heart) to forestall any catastrophic mechanical failure.
  2. Upgrade to lighter valve educate, with stiffer springs or twin valve springs to have extra regulate over the valve with this steeper cam profile.
  3. It does upload chronic however it does not shift the facility curve up or down as radically as converting cam period does, and so in maximum aftermarket programs we truly desire a cam to offer us height chronic at a definite rpm vary and so we care a lot more about the most efficient period (and a few added elevate).

I do know this can be a reasonably advanced subject, however I want to be sure we are talking the similar language prior to we pass into how this pertains to superchargers. Before you make a decision which camshaft to make use of (or easy methods to regulate the timing for your inventory cams) it’s important to take a look at one crucial factor:

Your exhaust machine and exhaust again power:

If you’ve got a inventory log kind exhaust manifold, with an in depth coupled cat, with a twin cat exhaust machine, small exhaust tubing, and a few restrictive mufflers for your automotive then it’s conceivable at height chronic to have as much as 10psi of again power.

If that is the case, my first advice can be to improve to a excessive float, low power exhaust machine on account of the prospective chronic positive aspects; on the other hand, I know that a few of our readers have automobiles that they’re putting in place for his or her oldsters or for twin use the place their spouse or the rules of their location …and many others are truly strict in the case of any added exhaust noise or any aftermarket exhaust. In this example, the place exhaust upgrades aren’t an possibility, then you definitely will have to choose your camshafts, and song your cam timing to the place you’ve got ABSOLUTELY the minimal conceivable quantity of overlap. If you’ve got important overlap, then the extra you upward thrust above about 4500 rpms the extra your supercharger will undergo and the extra chronic you’ll waste. If the supercharger is geared to 7psi of spice up as an example, then throughout overlap, the cylinder sees 7psi of spice up at the consumption aspect, and 10psi of again power at the exhaust aspect, the online result’s that air will float from the excessive power zone (the exhaust) to the decrease power zone (the consumption) and so your cylinder will begin to fill with exhaust gases. As the rotation continues, the exhaust valve will shut and overlap will finish, and the consumption valve will keep open for the rest of the consumption stroke (for the remainder of the period of your consumption cam), and the remainder of the cylinder will fill with contemporary air.

What occurs this is that we get a cylinder that stuffed for 30* of overlap with exhaust air, after which stuffed for any other 210* (of the unique 240* of period for a normal side road cam) with contemporary air. The result’s a cylinder this is simplest 85% stuffed with contemporary air or an engine this is actually 15% smaller in displacement! On the opposite hand, if our supercharger is geared for 18psi as an example, then throughout overlap we can have 18psi at the consumption aspect and our exhaust again power of 10psi at the exhaust aspect, the online results of this overlap is that our supercharger is successfully simplest generating 8psi value of differential power between the consumption and the cylinder and so we’re simplest going to get an influence spice up of 8psi throughout overlap. So, throughout the ones 30* of overlap the supercharger is simplest successfully generating 8psi of spice up, and after that after the exhaust valve closes, the supercharger will be capable of return to running at complete spice up for the opposite 210*. The internet result’s one thing like 16psi of spice up so 2psi (or about 12%) of our chronic was once wasted.

Supercharger tuning via cam variety and cam timing

Intake cam:

Because of the unintended effects of overlap on a supercharger automotive’s efficiency, and particularly in terms of excessive exhaust again power as is the case with maximum manufacturing unit supercharged automobiles, we discover that the optimum cam period for the consumption cam is in most cases 30-40* of period lower than a generally aspirated camshaft for a similar height chronic RPM. The choice to cut back the consumption cam period quite than break up the period relief between the consumption and exhaust cams, is that the consumption cam will float air beneath pressurized stipulations (because of the addition of the supercharger and the rise in consumption manifold power) and so at a discounted consumption cam period the engine will nonetheless be capable of get it is complete percentage of consumption air. At the similar time, the excessive rpm potency growth from the relief of overlap may even spice up chronic manufacturing with a extra conservative cam. Finally, if we wish to get extra float from the consumption cam, there’s nonetheless the choice of the usage of a better elevate camshaft (with a steeper profile because of the reduced period) with supporting valve educate changes to ensure valve flow does not happen at upper rpms.

Intake cam timing:

The cam timing for the consumption cam would preferably be retarded which might transfer the consumption cam opening match farther clear of the exhaust valve remaining match as a way to scale back or get rid of overlap, and as an aspect impact the facility stroke period will build up through retarding the consumption cam which will additionally catch up on the misplaced chronic from the period relief.

Exhaust cam:

The exhaust cam period and raise for a supercharged model of the motor will have to be very similar to a nitrous camshaft, within the sense that the exhaust cams on nitrous particular builds have:

1- Very wholesome cam period & very wholesome cam elevate to permit a critically increased quantity of exhaust gases so that you can successfully go out the motor when the nitrous is activated and the horsepower (and thus the exhaust gasses) have each doubled in amount.

2- As very little overlap if conceivable, as any overlap would imply that nitrous can be sprayed from the consumption aspect and out the exhaust, which is wasteful of our restricted provide of nitrous. Similarly the extra overlap now we have, the tougher the supercharger must paintings on account of what we defined previous about both exhaust reversion into the consumption, or the supercharger pressurizing the exhaust.

Exhaust cam timing:

Advancing the exhaust cam each opens and closes the exhaust valves quicker. Opening the exhaust valve quicker somewhat reduces the facility stroke, however on the similar time it reduces overlap and makes higher use of our supercharger. Typically an a sophisticated exhaust cam blended with retarded consumption cam will give you the very best effects on a supercharged automotive, particularly with a restrictive exhaust.

If we had a excessive float exhaust machine put in, then it will not be really helpful to advance the exhaust cam, a excessive float exaust machine this is optimized for our engine’s chronic necessities can transparent the combustion chamber of all it is gasses very successfully. Having a excessive period exhaust cam, a low again power exhaust machine and a no overlap what so ever camshaft implies that we’re giving the exhaust gasoline a variety of time to go out they cylinder, the consumption valve nonetheless hasn’t opened (for the reason that now we have make a decision to retard it, or use a conservative cam with much less period) and so the supercharger isn’t pushing any new contemporary air in but, now the cylinder is void and so one of the most exhaust gasoline can revert again into the cylinder, then the exhaust valve will shut, after which the consumption valve will open simplest to search out the cylinder already in part stuffed with exhaust gases.

This is not an issue with a restrictive exhaust as a result of a restrictive exhaust will take a while to transparent the cylinder at a decrease speed, on the other hand with a better float exhaust machine we will have to watch out to not dial out ALL of the overlap within the cam timing, or to over-cam the exhaust cam (the usage of an excessive amount of period).

So exhaust cam timing may also be complicated or retarded, relying at the exhaust changes and the consumption cam variety and thus will have to be dyno-tuned.

It’s essential to notice that with all of those adjustments in cam variety , overlap, chronic stroke period, and cam timing, that the facility stroke period is effected and whether it is successfully shortened then we would possibly want to retune the automobile’s timing advance at the dyno (for higher advance) to regain losses in period of the facility stroke (once more this towards common pondering of by no means to advance timing on compelled induction automobiles, if now we have a shortened chronic stroke, or an utility with important overlap then it can be important to take action).

So we see right here that the result right here a lop-sided camshaft with a conservative period, excessive elevate cam at the consumption aspect, and an ordinary period, excessive elevate cam at the exhaust with minimum lobe separation attitude and minimum (however now not essentially no) overlap.

The exception to the guideline:

Sometimes other people take a automotive that begins off with a 9000 rpm redline, has an 11.5:1 compression ratio, and a 280* period camshaft, and an competitive naturally aspirated-esque timing curve and make a decision to supercharge it for extra chronic. One suck instance is kleemann’s kompressor for the SLK55 AMG (which already makes 400 hp in generally aspirated shape from an 11:1 compression ratio motor). In this kind of utility, in case you use a extra conservative cam, and dial out the entire overlap, and build up the facility stroke, together with an already excessive 11:1 compression ratio and a wholesome quantity of spice up power (7psi or above) you’ll finally end up with a motor that produces extraordinarily excessive height cylinder pressures and the ones intense pressures and warmth would possibly simply get started off a sequence response of pre-ignition and detonation and you’ll to find that regardless of how a lot you retard the timing that the setup will finally end up each powerless and nonetheless now not that secure.

In this example, I’d imagine RPM and compression my number one chronic adder, and my supercharger as my secondary chronic adder (this is except I determined to modify that and went forward and decreased the compression ratio of the motor). In this example it’s OK to sacrifice some supercharger excessive rpm potency for combating high-load & low-rpm detonation. Furthermore, to conquer the overlap inherent in this type of excessive rpm generally aspirated power-plant it will be very really helpful to make use of a centrifugal supercharger this is able to generating extra spice up and float with higher rpm quite than a roots kind charger that may simply run out of spice up and float capability (CFM) when going through an competitive camshaft ‘leaking’ spice up away.

Here is a smart instance of the way cam tuning can have an effect on supercharged chronic:

The automotive is a 1.8 liter Honda motor provided with:

  • Supercharger optimized giant primaries and quick runners Kamakazi header
  • A greddy 2.5? SP2 catback exhaust machine.
  • An LHT ported “S” supercharger inlet tube
  • An LHT ported consumption manifold ( Non intercooled)
  • A Carbon fibre consumption
  • A Jackson racing eaton M62 supercharger geared for 7.5-8 psi.

The black line is the baseline run with all of those changes prior to tuning with height chronic coming in at: 223 wheel hp @ 7600 rpms.

The blue line is the facility completed after a complete tine (camshaft timing redone for decreased overlap, ignition timing re-optimized, and air gasoline ratio optimized for height chronic), with height chronic coming in at 248 hp @ 8400 rpms.

You can see on through the dyno effects that through decreasing overlap and correctly tuning the automobile the facility height now not simplest higher through 25 horsepower, however extra importantly shifted up through 1000 RPM’s because of higher supercharger excessive rpm potency from decreased overlap.

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